About Betteridge’s Brewery

History of our Brewery

Betteridge’s Brewery was launched in April 2014, and is one of the newest craft microbreweries in Hampshire.

Situated in the northern Test Valley in the middle of Hurstbourne Tarrant on the A343 between Newbury and Andover, it aims to supply high-quality ale in small quantities to selected pubs and the local community.

The wheel of history has turned full circle to the origins of Cooper’s Barn as the outbuildings of one of the five pubs in Hurstbourne Tarrant at the turn of the 20th Century. It is located in the very building where beer was brewed for the Cooper’s Arms prior to the great fire of Hurstbourne Tarrant in 1904.

Although dowsed by horse-drawn fire engines from Andover, the pub was completely destroyed, but the barn, maltings, brewery and outbuildings remained intact and now house Betteridge’s Brewery.



Redeveloping what was to become Betteridge’s Brewery

Brewing it alone

After having served for 37 years in the Army both as an Infantry officer and latterly as a pilot in the Army Air Corps, I was undecided as to my career path after retiring at the age of 55. I decided to look at self-employment and chose brewing as the foundation for building a second career.

The trend in 2013 was, and still is the rise in real ale consumption and the fall of mass-produced gaseous, pasteurised and filtered beer sales. I wanted to be part of this renaissance and set about training myself by working with some fabulously supportive brewers and then attended a fantastic brewing course at Brewlab in Sunderland.

Throughout all of this, I was so impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the brewing industry and even more so by the goodwill and supportive nature of the people working within it.


Our brewing equipment

Our brewing equipment